Who said the good old days are gone? Not us.

At NZ Orchard Gate we set out to create a range of natural fruit juices that would capture the spirit and ethnicity of a bygone era.

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We decided to source our fruit directly from like minded family orchardists and village co-operatives who have been traditional growers for generations. Previously this top of the range produce could not be sourced in large enough quantities to make juice this good. But now with a little kiwi ingenuity we’ve achieved what was thought for a long time, impossible.

NZ Orchard Gate juices are lovingly blended and faithfully taste-tested to ensure the natural quality and flavours are genuine to our time honoured ideals. Our appreciative customers enjoy the pick of the crop, while our enthusiastic team pours its combined heart and soul into each bottle.

Here in lies the secret. All you get from us is fruit. No additives, no preservatives and God forbid, no added sugar. Purely good, honest, New Zealand fruit.

Crafted into traditional style juices essentially like mother used to make them. Brought to you just the way we used to sell them, straight from the orchard gate.